Web Dummies: Love Those Social Media Icons


Truly Love Social Media Icons? Use Hearts! This is officially my Favorite Set

Everyone loves Social Media Icons! There’s no doubt about it. Social Media links are a must have on your Website / Blog / Portfolio. It’s important to link out to your social media networks in order to build your followers. So why not do it in style? There are social media icons in all shapes and sizes; from 3D, to origami, to metals, to cartoon characters,  to coffee cups, to moving trucks – yes, moving trucks! They are very cute and perfect for a transport company website ;] Check out the links below for some Free Social Media Icons and pick your favorite  set  to blast on your site:

Get your Social Drink on? Sure, it’s Thursday, I think I will

Linkspirations: Business Must-Haves



There are many resources with tips & tricks that help you organize and strengthen your marketing efforts – and with social media in the mix, it’s easier to spread information than ever before. But still, it can get a little overwhelming and messy, so below are some of my favorite resources to help you and your business flourish online:



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