Web Dummies: 50 Free (& Lovely) PSD Mock Ups


As a graphic designer, we all know how different a design looks when seen on a computer screen versus on a real-life application. Plus, most importantly, clients truly enjoy visualizing their brands and websites in a realistic setting. So, instead of spending time and money printing test-designs, there are digital mockups that create the same visual.

This process is actually quite simple when working with pre-set PSD files. Simply: download the PSD file, open it on Photoshop, and drop your designs into the layers that are pre-set for it. The PSD file does the rest!

Below are examples of free Photoshop PSD files that you can easily edit and present your clients with a (almost) tangible product. Like what you see? Download your favorites here – 50 Free PSD Mock Ups:



Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups



Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups

Posters & Flyers


Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups



Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups

Business Cards


Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups



Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups

Stationery & Branding


Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups



Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups

Apps & Screens


Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups


Design Love: Mmm… Wine & Design


We all know the world of design isn’t just logos and website creations. Design reaches far more influential factors in a brands image – like for example, packaging design.

Consumers eyes are attracted to sleek and interesting displays of art; and you’re constantly confronted with packaging design options on the grocery store shelves. But have we realized how important that is to our purchase decisions? Packaging is an a key determination of the consumers perception of the product which leads to the the brands success or failure.

On that note, today’s focus is one of my favorite things in the universe – Wine!

When I walk up to the wine racks at the grocery store, I of course draw my attention immediately to the types of wine I like (Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.) Then, once I’m standing in front this array of red wines, the package designs start to pull me closer. And this is the moment when I grab the one I like most and head over to the check-out counter…

A boring design might deter me from even looking at the wines details or I’ll simply skip over that bottle and keep looking. It’ just the way it works – packaging design plays a major role in the purchase process. Luckily for us consumers, designers have stepped it up with fun yet classic designs for this tasteful delicacy.

Ram’s Leap: a colorful array of swirly-rams is for lovers of all flavors and tastes

Hamilton Fray: inverse coloring process draws the eye to the hand drawn design

The Tentacle: illustration designs formulated in a simple way can link your company’s logo and image very eloquently and effectively

Julian Madrid: minimalist designs are also very attention capturing and classic

Sunflower Hills: A vintage, yet pop art, feel to the classic wine bottle

Santameriana: clean cut typography design is an instant attention grabber

The People’s Wine: my personal favorite, with hand-drawn text and colorful accents to determine the type of wine – easy to identify and fun to look at!

{ For more photos of these wine designs and many other styles, visit the source! }


Design Love: Beautiful Package Designs


Gosh, I love packaging design. I really do. I mean, what is there not to love? Plus it’s one of the most important – if not THE most important – parts of marketing a product. Because we all know, if something doesn’t look attractive, then we most likely won’t grab it from the store shelf. And that’s the truth! Keep that in mind. When selling a product (or even a service) it’s all about presentation and appearances. I suggest you follow “The Cool Rule” (yes, I just made up that title) and that is that: “Even if you have the coolest business idea ever, but you’re branding isn’t cool, then people won’t think it’s cool and might never actually buy it.” Like that rule? I hope so, because that as well is the truth! Ok, enough silly – but true – talk. Let the inspiration begin. Here are 10 of my favorites from the top 50. See all 50 via the link at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Simply Bliss: sleek & minimal, but still lets the consumer know exactly what they are getting at the first glance. In my eyes, this is design-perfection!

Waitrose: breaking away from the conventional “paper” label, this is a great way to show the contents of the item while still keeping the design fresh.

12 Inches: who says there’s a right way to wrap a bottle? this style is eye-catching and the typography is fabulous!

Font Vella: clear and blue, showcasing the pureness of the water, while delicately designed with an almost paisley feel. It works very well together.

Absolut: a big name brand with clean-cut style. Never shifting from their branding techniques, yet always coming up with a new engaging look.

Coca-Cola: another brand giant, with simple taste. This summer collection stands them apart from other soda’s on the shelf, and it’s easy to see why.

Citro: little mints in little packages with a little window. With minimal yet matching colors and attention to the “flavor,” I believe they nailed it.

Project 7 (Water Bottles): hand-written type is amazing, and the way it’s executed here is exactly right. Simple but fun, showing each bottle’s meaning.

Project 7 (Snacks): continuing the hand-written feel, but incorporating more color and heavy text; but they still get you to focus on the important headlines.

Oats: Sweet and sleek design that just feels right for bath soaps. It gives off the vibe of warm but still modern and new. A perfect mix!

Take a Look at All 50 Designs [Source]


Design Love: L’amore of Packaging


If there is one digital thing that I am absolutely crazy-in-love with, is packaging and design concepts. I love ’em. The correct packaging and color scheme gives a product the necessary tools for consumers to actually grab it off the shelves! As an advertising major, I constantly notice how packaging draws your attention to a product – and how bad packaging will keep you far, far away from that buy.

Here are some new packaging designs, illustrated on The Die Line.com, a wonderful packaging site. These were a few that caught my eye, and had LOVE written all over them! Click the photos for more images and details:

Wines come in many flavors, bottles, and designs. Lois Sparkling Blanc de Blancs has a modern yet classic design that attracts the eye to the beautiful character and colors in her hair, surrounded by crisp white space and a smooth cursive font. With just these subtle designs, the simplicity captures the consumer and intrigues them to want to know more.

What has got more to Love than growing delicious fruits and vegetables? The Grow Your Own project holds true to the love of nature and adds a modern design. Traditionally when consumers buy seeds in a bag, all you see is the tiny seeds, scattered around and in need to be planted. But with this packaging, the consumer can see the finished product right next to the ones that start it all – the seeds that want to grow.

Everyone knows how important Water is to Life. So why not give back to the world with some Love in Water. This design strives to showcase the companies goals to give back to charities, in four different ways: fighting muscular disorders, protecting our environment, helping children in need, and giving hope to women with breast cancer. Every time a bottle is purchased, 10cents of it’s profit go to one of the for charities. Now, that’s Packaging Love.

Last but not definitely not least, the Love for Chocolate! I am a true chocolate connoisseur, and the Moonstruck design caught my sweet tooth’s attention. When you look at the packaging, you think: dark chocolates and milk chocolates from Venezuela and Dominican Republic must be delicious! And it’s all a matter of perception – the perception that this colorful package holds an even more colorful treat.

These are just a few of my personal favorites from the current designs illustrated on the site. To view more designs and packaging, visit the guru of packaging:



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