Design Love: Moodboards


Good designers have different processes when starting a project. Some sketch, others research, and some make moodboards. Great designers do all 3. The moodboard is a combination of styles, photos, and colors that the designer identifies with the brand – prior to it’s conception. It literally sets the “mood” for the project, by defining a direction for the brand. The designer can then show the client these moodboards and start the official brand design from there. So, taking from one of these beautiful stages, I’d like to showcase some of my favorite moodboards from around the web…

{ Each moodboard is linked to the source, so enjoy & click away! }


BlackWhite MoodBoard






StudioSweet Board










Design Love: Mmm… Wine & Design


We all know the world of design isn’t just logos and website creations. Design reaches far more influential factors in a brands image – like for example, packaging design.

Consumers eyes are attracted to sleek and interesting displays of art; and you’re constantly confronted with packaging design options on the grocery store shelves. But have we realized how important that is to our purchase decisions? Packaging is an a key determination of the consumers perception of the product which leads to the the brands success or failure.

On that note, today’s focus is one of my favorite things in the universe – Wine!

When I walk up to the wine racks at the grocery store, I of course draw my attention immediately to the types of wine I like (Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.) Then, once I’m standing in front this array of red wines, the package designs start to pull me closer. And this is the moment when I grab the one I like most and head over to the check-out counter…

A boring design might deter me from even looking at the wines details or I’ll simply skip over that bottle and keep looking. It’ just the way it works – packaging design plays a major role in the purchase process. Luckily for us consumers, designers have stepped it up with fun yet classic designs for this tasteful delicacy.

Ram’s Leap: a colorful array of swirly-rams is for lovers of all flavors and tastes

Hamilton Fray: inverse coloring process draws the eye to the hand drawn design

The Tentacle: illustration designs formulated in a simple way can link your company’s logo and image very eloquently and effectively

Julian Madrid: minimalist designs are also very attention capturing and classic

Sunflower Hills: A vintage, yet pop art, feel to the classic wine bottle

Santameriana: clean cut typography design is an instant attention grabber

The People’s Wine: my personal favorite, with hand-drawn text and colorful accents to determine the type of wine – easy to identify and fun to look at!

{ For more photos of these wine designs and many other styles, visit the source! }


Web Dummies: Blogging? Choose WordPress!


Almost 1,500 people can’t be wrong! is where you should open, create,
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It’s an open source blogging platform with extensive customization capabilities. You can install themes into the program and customize everything from layout, to fonts, to colors, and much more. It’s also notorious for its plugins and widgets servicing pretty much everything you need on your blog. From newsletter sign-ups to running SEO keywords for individual blog posts, WordPress plugins do it all. It also incorporates spam protection in your comments, has a mobile-app where you can quickly update and respond to comments from, and is always easy to upgrade. This blogging platform just gets better with every update. So don’t wait any longer, start blogging about whatever you want!

Ready to learn more about blogging and Join me for a one-on-one consulting session. We’ll go step-by-step and in-depth as to how to start your WordPress blog site – plus tricks to make the site more user friendly and attention grabbing. Not sure exactly what you need help with? Contact me and I’ll help point you to the right starting-location.


Branding 101: “So You Need A Typeface?”


{ Click Image for Full Size Infographic }

“SO YOU NEED A TYPEFACE is a project by Julian Hansen. It’s an alternative way on how to choose fonts (or just be inspired) for a specific project, not just by browsing through the pages of FontBook. The list is (very loosely) based on the top 50 of Die 100 Besten Schriften by FontShop.”


Branding 101: Portfolio Update


Hello Digital Darlings! I’d like to introduce META, Miami Elite Tennis Academy, who launched they’re official website this week. I was fortunate to work with META by designing and creating their website and social media outlets.

The overall layout of the site is minimalist; throughout all of the pages, you will enjoy the clean-cut yet exciting style. What really stands out, in the design aspect, is the highlight color of lime green which is also META’s identity color. Plus, the vibrancy of the images really “pop!” against the darker background, and the information is simply detailed in order for the viewer to know what they need to know and go!

The META project was actually a collaboration with my design partner and friend, Arlene, who did all the fun stuff like designing the brand identity for the company; of course, this is all while I stayed up late-nights, drinking coffee, and coding the back end of the website! But all kidding aside, I am so happy with the end result and to have had the opportunity to work with META on their website.

META is all about having fun and improving your tennis game. They have a special pyramid-system for their Juniors program, where the children go up in levels to become the best athletes they can in the appropriate amount of time and practice. They offer a 2-Week Free Trial when you register online, and are currently enrolling for Summer Camp! Check META out on Facebook too, or visit them as they are conveniently located in Kendall, Miami. Plus, I think you’ll really love what they have to offer.

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