Design Love: Black & White


Good design comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles. But not all are truly timeless. Today I would like to focus on color – or better yet, the lack of.

One of my favorite types of art: the classic black & white design. There’s nothing more elegant than traditional black & white; plus, if you can make a great design with the simple black & white color palette, then it will surely look amazing in every other way.

Here are some of my favorite black & white designs from my Pinterest Design Board. Enjoy:


Branding 101: Getting Down to Business

New Diamari Torres Biz Cards

Business cards rock! Plus, they’re pretty important to letting people know what you do and how to reach you; so, it was due time to print new business cards.

Design wise: I decided I wanted to keep the consistency of my blog’s minimal design through incorporating the sites colors and simple type. Personally, I like the whole “no BS” approach – especially when handing out your card. People want to be reminded of what you do and how to contact you quickly. Yet, the card has to be impressive and actually kind of fun! Remember, the design and texture of your cards is what really sells it.

Printing: On that note, the print quality is the first and lasting impression. Quality is most definitely triumphant over quantity. This is a trend I’ve seen in business card printers. Sites like – which don’t get me wrong, they have awesome pre-designed templates and materials – can charge you over $100 for a measly 200 business cards.

In my case, I luckily got both quality and quantity. Printed on 16pt cardstock paper, my cards are coated in a very smooth Silk Lamination. It actually seems to make the card thicker and stronger; I love it. The final touch though is the Spot UV, which creates a slightly-visible rise of gloss over whatever you choose to highlight. Logo. Name. Info. Background. Whatevs!

Spot UV on Biz Cards

I chose to Spot UV the words “hello there” on the teal-blue side and my entire logo on the white side. It feels very interesting and different from the traditional card design. I’m truly very happy with the results. Probably even more so because of the price: 1,000 cards for $145! (shipping not included, I picked ’em up) You can’t beat that. I have cards for – like – ever now! The service was great and the turnaround time was about a week. I recommend Elite Flyers for printing business cards – especially their Silk Laminated and Spot UV ones, of course.

Biz Cards in Card Holder


My Daily View: Baseling 2012


After a very eventful week, Art Basel 2012 has come to an end. Miami can now return to its normal homeostasis of moderately-horrible traffic and extremely hot winters. All shall now return to the way it was; the way the locals like it.

But although it’s over, we will truly miss Art Basel and everything it brings to the city. Like its never-ending block parties in Wynwood and sponsored alcohol at almost every gallery.

I am sure that we Miamians will mostly miss the amazing artists and their live-art displays which took place so vividly throughout Art Basel’s time. There’s nothing like walking down the streets of Wynwood or Miami Beach and seeing an artistic piece coming together.

This year, I snapped away shot after shot of art that caught-my-eye. Unfortunately, my point-and-shoot died this summer, so I stuck to capturing images with my handy dandy smart phone. Add that plus some awesome Instagram filters, and voilà! Magical photos are now available for your viewing pleasure.

{ Noteable Galleries & Artists }
Wynwood Cigar Factory · Evoca1 · Faith47 · Tati Suarez · Pulse Miami · Banksy · Spinello Projects · Gallery 212 · Basel Biergarten · The Flower Bombs · La Pandilla · AsIf’s Guns · Mr. Brainwash · Shepard Fairey · Peter Tunney

So without further adieu, I invite you to please enjoy some of my favorite Art Basel 2012 treasures, caught on camera. Enjoy!:


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