Why should I work with you?

• I have one very clear goal in my career: to rid the world of bad design, one website at a time!

• I design and consult on websites and branding for creatives and entrepreneurs who love their work, but don’t love their website (or don’t even have one!)

• For websites, we all know that a site is an extension of you – or your business – online. It’s got to have personality, uniqueness, and style, yet still maintain professionalism and user-friendliness. If you aren’t happy with your website, then your clients won’t be either; I believe this 100% and I aim to make my clients happy, as you can see in my work.

• And I’m just an all-around fun loving, hard working gal. In between all the biz-talk, we’ll definitely share a few laughs. Feel free to browse my portfolio and see my work as an extension of how I roll. I love what I do, I’ve got a passion for it; and I like to share my passion with the world. So why aren’t you on board yet? Let’s do this.

How do we start my website?

• It all starts with a conversation! We’ll complete an over-the-phone (or via Skype) interview so you can tell me all about your project goals, needs, and preferences.

• Once the project is agreed upon, you’ll receive a project proposal and contract so we’re both clear on how everything works and an invoice for the deposit. You’ll be billed for a 50% deposit in order to begin work.

• Then the fun starts! I’ll research the perfect Squarespace or WordPress theme for your site layout (depending on which platform you prefer), you’ll chose the one you absolutely love, and then I’ll get into customizing and inserting content. We’ll keep the conversation going throughout the site customization and will be exchanging ideas till it’s all perfectly done.

• Finally, we’ll schedule a date for launch and you can enjoy and/or promote your brand new website! We’ll set up your tutorial sessions on Skype, so you’ll understand your site and will have everything you need to keep it running smoothly.

So, what are the prices?

• Design projects vary according to the number of hours necessary, and Web projects depend on the number of pages you need designed and the complexity of the overall development. Before you book your project we’ll discuss your specific needs, I’ll make my recommendations, and provide an accurate estimate.

What do I receive when you create my site?

• A one-on-one conversation where we’ll review your goals and needs for your site and brand.

• A customized site theme that’s totally responsive (rearranges perfectly for all size devices) with everything your brand needs to be unique and stand out – while maintaining a clean and user-friendly look.

• Installation of plugins that help you keep your site safe and running easy, as well as custom social media, contact, and search engine optimization plugins.

• The Squarespace or WordPress platform back-end (depending on your preference), so you can easily add and change content yourself, without looking at coding!

• A one-on-one tutorial on how to edit and update your site, so you’ll comfortably know how to keep your website up-to-date.

How long does a site take to build?

• Timeline depends on the complexity of your project and how fast you provide me with your sites information (ie. copy, images, etc.), but most projects range from 1 month to 3 months. If you need help finding images and copy writing, do not fear – I’ll help you figure it all out.

When can we get started?

• I’ll give you an estimated start date when we discuss your project, and once you sign your contract and pay your deposit, you’ll be added to my schedule of current projects.

How does payment work?

• When you book your project, you’ll pay a non-refundable 50% deposit to secure your spot, which depends on the total cost of your project. The remaining balance is split into two equal payments, one due in the middle of your projects progress, and the final payment due after the project is approved and prior to launch and/or release. In the case of online consulting sessions, you’ll need to make your first payment for the minimum charge of 1-hour before the session starts.


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