Web Dummies: 50 Free (& Lovely) PSD Mock Ups

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As a graphic designer, we all know how different a design looks when seen on a computer screen versus on a real-life application. Plus, most importantly, clients truly enjoy visualizing their brands and websites in a realistic setting. So, instead of spending time and money printing test-designs, there are digital mockups that create the same visual.

This process is actually quite simple when working with pre-set PSD files. Simply: download the PSD file, open it on Photoshop, and drop your designs into the layers that are pre-set for it. The PSD file does the rest!

Below are examples of free Photoshop PSD files that you can easily edit and present your clients with a (almost) tangible product. Like what you see? Download your favorites here – 50 Free PSD Mock Ups:



Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups



Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups

Posters & Flyers


Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups



Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups

Business Cards


Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups



Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups

Stationery & Branding


Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups



Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups

Apps & Screens


Source: 50 Free PSD Mock Ups


Web Dummies: Things Are Getting Pinteresting!


If you’re not on the social media giant Pinterest, then you’re missing out!

Let’s begin with the basics: I started pinning in what feels like forever ago, but it was probably some time in 2010. The site wasn’t what it is now – granted, the design has stayed pretty much consistent and the user-interface has always been very friendly; yet, the following that Pinterest has now is just enormous. Individuals to major brands are all utilizing Pinterest to share ideas and connect information.


{ My Pinterest Profile }

With Pinterest’s immense growth comes innovative ideas for sharing and reaching more people. I love the Pinterest App on my cell (available for Android and iPhone) because I love to pin while I’m waiting for anything. It’s a sweet way to pass the time; looking up design inspirations or delicious recipes. But what matters most is what you have for later – Pinterest gives you the satisfaction of knowing that all of that information is stored there, in an organized and conveniently-linked manner.

Now for the goodies – literally. They’ve got a whole page of Pinterest Goodies where they’ve created some fantastic tools for business’ and personal brands:

Buttons + Widgets: Integrate the Pin It Button, Follow Button, Profile Widget, and/or Board Widget to get more engagement from pinners and traffic back your site; Plus, don’t forget to Verify Your Site.

Also, if you’re a WordPress blogger – like me – then you’ll love this plugin that adds a “Pin It” button as you hover over blog images. Recently, I stumbled upon another plugin called Alpine Photo Tile that showcases your most recent pins on a site page.

By simply searching online, you’ll find an endless list of plugins and widgets for Pinterest + WordPress.

Now for some visual fun. Here are a few examples of the Board Widget being integrated into a post. By clicking anywhere on the images below, you’ll be directed to any of the following boards: Design + Typography, Home + Garden, or Delicious Delights; yet the best part is that it’s constantly going to showcase the most recent pins. It’s sheer awesomeness:

It doesn’t seem like the Pinterest trend will subside anytime soon. Which is why I’m recommending you to jump on board, if you haven’t already! There’s lots of help on the Pinterest site to get you started. Plus, it’s truly one of the most user-friendly websites out there. The inspirations are endless and the organization is perfect.

{ Check out Pinterest and be sure to follow me when you get there! }


Web Dummies: Prezi Tutorial


If you’re a hard-working American, you more than likely have to create presentations to impress your boss with your sheer awesomeness. Well, maybe not your awesomeness – but your work productivity. It’s all relative, I swear.

And when it comes time to present, the traditional PowerPoint Presentation just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s outdated. It’s old news. There are multiple ways to present online and I found my favorite – Prezi. I blogged about Prezi about a year ago, when I first found the online program. Ever since, I’ve been impressing bosses all over the world! No joke – my job entails me to travel and present marketing solutions to the heads of companies throughout Latin America.

Every time I present one of my Prezi’s, I get asked the same questions: “How do you do that? I want to learn, can you teach me?”

So I thought about it, and I decided to be a good-tutor. I created a Prezi Tutorial, for dummies! (Well, it’s for beginners, but the dummies title is fun.)

It’s simply a step-by-step guide.

You’ll learn the basics from how to create a Prezi account and start your first Prezi to creating frames, paths, inserting images, and finally saving and exporting the file! It’s easy, I promise. Like everything in life, practice makes perfect. But overall, Prezi is very user-friendly. Try it out and you’ll see.

Ready? Here it goes.
Download the Prezi Tutorial. Check!
Visit Prezi.com to start. Check!
Impress your boss with Awesomeness. Double Check!

Suggestions or Questions? Let me know in the Comments below


Web Dummies: Blogging? Choose WordPress!

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Almost 1,500 people can’t be wrong!
Wordpress.org is where you should open, create,
and customize your new and soon-to-be-amazing blog.

It’s an open source blogging platform with extensive customization capabilities. You can install themes into the program and customize everything from layout, to fonts, to colors, and much more. It’s also notorious for its plugins and widgets servicing pretty much everything you need on your blog. From newsletter sign-ups to running SEO keywords for individual blog posts, WordPress plugins do it all. It also incorporates spam protection in your comments, has a mobile-app where you can quickly update and respond to comments from, and is always easy to upgrade. This blogging platform just gets better with every update. So don’t wait any longer, start blogging about whatever you want!

Ready to learn more about blogging and WordPress.org? Join me for a one-on-one consulting session. We’ll go step-by-step and in-depth as to how to start your WordPress blog site – plus tricks to make the site more user friendly and attention grabbing. Not sure exactly what you need help with? Contact me and I’ll help point you to the right starting-location.


Web Dummies: Small Business Marketing


Small Businesses don’t have a bajillion advertising dollars to spend; thus, Small Businesses are always seeking cost-effective ways to market their services. And lucky for those in this group, there is a definite way to reach the masses at a low, low price — Social Media!

We all hear about it and talk about it — Social Media — but do people really understand how to interconnect and use Social Media to their full advantage? Well, just in case you’re trying to figure it out, here’s a short How-to-Guide on Marketing your Small Business through Social Media.

Step #1
Get on Facebook and Twitter!
If you own a business but you are not on the Two Major and Most Popular Networks for Social Interaction, then you’re considered to be living in the stone age. Seriously, people “Google” a business just as much as they “Facebook” or “Twitter” search one. In other words, take Step #1 very seriously and keep your Business’ Social Networks filled with status updates and current information.

Step #2
Your Company Needs to Blog.
You may ask, “Why Blog?” The reason is simple: People like Current Information, Updates and Live-Connections — similar to the world of Facebook and Twitter Status Updates — but your Blog is Centered on your business. And you don’t have to be a Pro-writer to blog! Simply post event updates or new projects you’re working on; Images, Videos, and Exterior Links always make blog posts more interesting.  You may also post Articles that you find interesting and would concern and intrigued your target market. Also, it’s important to post comments and follow the current information in other blogs that fall-in-line with your same industry.

Step #3
LinkedIn. Yelp. Foursquare. YouTube.
All of these Social Giants are here to help you grow, so Use Them! LinkedIn connects you in a serious business platform — don’t ignore it — LinkedIn may not be as “Big” as Facebook and Twitter, but it is a definite way that you’ll be researched on by your prospective clients. Yelp connects you publishes tons of reviews on local businesses — review your competitors and make sure you have positive reviews — if not, take note of your company flaws and make changes asap. Foursquare allows you to “check-in” and lets your Social Network followers know where your Business is geo-located — it’s a nifty tool and highly recommended. Lastly, YouTube is your multimedia guru, so create videos to show your customers what you have to offer — YouTube has a lot to offer and Billions of viewers, so brainstorm your ideas for videos and get to work!

Step #4
Your New Best Friend: Google.
With free online tracking programs like Google Alerts and Google Analytics, you don’t want to miss out on the benefits. Google Alerts sends you email updates from Google search results about topics you’re interested in tracking — i.e. your business’ name, your competitors, and keywords for your business. Google Analytics tracks your website traffic and tells you which sites and/or social platforms are bringing in hits to your webpage — so you can focus attention and budget on the ones that do work, and you can revamp or cut out the ones that don’t.

Step #5
Connect Everything!
The final piece of information is to integrate all of your Social Media Marketing Efforts. For one, it saves you time instead of updating a bunch of networks. Second, it keeps you current on all platforms — and that’s one of the most important details for a Small Business to keep their potential clients engaged. The Social Media, Tech and Business blog, Mashable, offers three suggestions to cross-market your efforts:

First, connect your Twitter account to Facebook so that your tweets will appear in your public updates on Facebook. This will let you leverage your time on Twitter to also update your Facebook fans.

Second, connect your LinkedIn profile to your WordPress blog. LinkedIn allows you to publish, in your profile, synopses of the most recent blog posts on your blog. This application will automatically update your LinkedIn profile with your most recent blog posts.

Third, integrate Twitter tools into your blog. I like and use the TweetMeme retweet button on my blogs to make it easier for users to tweet about the blog posts. I also use the ShareThis tool to enable readers to quickly share content on multiple social networks.

*Although my opinions are incorporated in this post, I stumbled upon the details seen here. For more information and links to the tools that will help get your Small Business started, read the entire article at Mashable.com



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