Branding 101: Portfolio Update


Hello Digital Darlings! I’d like to introduce META, Miami Elite Tennis Academy, who launched they’re official website this week. I was fortunate to work with META by designing and creating their website and social media outlets.

The overall layout of the site is minimalist; throughout all of the pages, you will enjoy the clean-cut yet exciting style. What really stands out, in the design aspect, is the highlight color of lime green which is also META’s identity color. Plus, the vibrancy of the images really “pop!” against the darker background, and the information is simply detailed in order for the viewer to know what they need to know and go!

The META project was actually a collaboration with my design partner and friend, Arlene, who did all the fun stuff like designing the brand identity for the company; of course, this is all while I stayed up late-nights, drinking coffee, and coding the back end of the website! But all kidding aside, I am so happy with the end result and to have had the opportunity to work with META on their website.

META is all about having fun and improving your tennis game. They have a special pyramid-system for their Juniors program, where the children go up in levels to become the best athletes they can in the appropriate amount of time and practice. They offer a 2-Week Free Trial when you register online, and are currently enrolling for Summer Camp! Check META out on Facebook too, or visit them as they are conveniently located in Kendall, Miami. Plus, I think you’ll really love what they have to offer.

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Branding 101: A Perfect Landing Page


If you’ve ever thought of building a website, you know about Landing Pages and how vital they are to your “user-friendliness.” Companies tend to like Landing Pages because it serves as the hub for their exterior Links and important information. Plus, consumers generally like to see all the info they need in one quick look. So, over-doing-it on a Landing Page can truly hurt your business, and that’s why it’s important to keep it simple.

I was Stumbling and found this this snazzy description on how to Create the Perfect Landing Page. Thought it was pretty cool, so I’m sharing it with YOU:

  • Headlines should be Clear and Concise
  • You’re Grammar needs to be Perfect!
  • Use Call to Actions and Big Buttons
  • Go Easy on the External Linkage
  • Keep it Above the Fold
  • Also Test, Test, Test your Page
  • Think about your Color Choices

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Branding 101: Get Facebook Fans!


Everyone wants them but not everyone knows How to Get them: we’re talking about Facebook Fans, people! This is the social media mission – to build a fanbase that drives attention and traffic to your companies information and website. One thing is creating a fanpage, but a whole ‘nother monster is getting eyeballs to the page. It might seem like a lot of work (and it is to a degree), but it’s no rocket-science! Anyone can increase their Facebook fanbase, just go step by step and build your brand online. I personally love this guide to increase your fanbase via Social Media Examiner:

#1: Embed Widgets on Your Website

#2: Invite Your Email and Ezine Subscribers

#3: Add to Your Email Signature Block

#4: Make a Compelling Welcome Video

#5: Use Facebook Apps

#6: Integrate the Facebook Comment Feature

#7: Get Fans to Tag Photos

#8: Load Videos and Embed on Your Site

#9: Place Facebook Ads

#10: Run a Contest

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Branding 101: Fabulous Print Advertising


This awesome German advertisement campaign is one that you can’t help but laugh at! Yet, chances are, the print campaign will more than likely hit an emotional-career-changing-nerve with your audience; and that’s an advertisers ultimate goal! The tagline is for the German site specialized in employment called Jobsintown which captivated it’s audience with these rich images. It means “life’s too short for the wrong job.” Isn’t that the truth!

This awesomely innovative and creative strategy is what makes a great campaign. Something memorable! That’s what you want in a campaign. And it’s not just limited to print advertising – this applies to even the smaller projects, like when  creating a client’s logo design and brand identity. When creating, it’s important to incorporate ideas that make you focus and have a memorable-appeal, while still being quirky, out-of-the-box and down right smart!

Check out all the fun Ad Campaign Images:




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