Branding 101: Save the Date Design


Recently, I was commissioned to create a “Save the Date” for my friends Jess and Drew. They were looking for a vintage feel, with clean modern type. Luckily, they had a lovely engagement photography session and I was able to place the type treatment on various images…


I created one main type treatment, to fit the style they were looking for, and then arranged it accordingly on various photos. They’re wedding-look is maritime vintage, so the designed color schemes varied in cool and warm vintage tones…


The goal was to create many vintage-tones for each of the photo options, so they could chose a color palette that matched their wedding aesthetics best. After they reviewed their options, they decided on the perfect image! You can see the final design below. I’m very happy that my clients love their “Save the Dates” and are gearing up to share this image with all of their family and friends…



Branding 101: Getting Down to Business

New Diamari Torres Biz Cards

Business cards rock! Plus, they’re pretty important to letting people know what you do and how to reach you; so, it was due time to print new business cards.

Design wise: I decided I wanted to keep the consistency of my blog’s minimal design through incorporating the sites colors and simple type. Personally, I like the whole “no BS” approach – especially when handing out your card. People want to be reminded of what you do and how to contact you quickly. Yet, the card has to be impressive and actually kind of fun! Remember, the design and texture of your cards is what really sells it.

Printing: On that note, the print quality is the first and lasting impression. Quality is most definitely triumphant over quantity. This is a trend I’ve seen in business card printers. Sites like – which don’t get me wrong, they have awesome pre-designed templates and materials – can charge you over $100 for a measly 200 business cards.

In my case, I luckily got both quality and quantity. Printed on 16pt cardstock paper, my cards are coated in a very smooth Silk Lamination. It actually seems to make the card thicker and stronger; I love it. The final touch though is the Spot UV, which creates a slightly-visible rise of gloss over whatever you choose to highlight. Logo. Name. Info. Background. Whatevs!

Spot UV on Biz Cards

I chose to Spot UV the words “hello there” on the teal-blue side and my entire logo on the white side. It feels very interesting and different from the traditional card design. I’m truly very happy with the results. Probably even more so because of the price: 1,000 cards for $145! (shipping not included, I picked ’em up) You can’t beat that. I have cards for – like – ever now! The service was great and the turnaround time was about a week. I recommend Elite Flyers for printing business cards – especially their Silk Laminated and Spot UV ones, of course.

Biz Cards in Card Holder


Branding 101: Portfolio Update



So far, 2013 has been insanely busy – and I’m truly loving it. One of my freelance projects this year has been designing for a new women’s publication in Miami, Stay In The Loop Magazine. From the logo design, business cards, media kit, and the initial magazine design – it’s been done! Starting a brand from scratch isn’t easy; but, now that we’ve got the ball rolling, everything just seems to fall into place.


First things first, the logo design. The client, Nicole Hoyos, wanted something feminine and fun yet modern and clean. She also wanted to subtly include an infinity-loop, which is an important part of the overall brand. The client says the loop signifies the endless connection between all women, things, and events in Miami. Since this is a local publication, it is important to create that visual connection – starting with the logo.


Getting down to business: the cards for Stay In The Loop Magazine continue the trend of the logo with a feminine and modern look. One side is utilized for the logo to make it’s statement. The other side has the contact information with lots of white space along with a light watermark of the logo.


Last, but definitely not least, is the the magazine design for issue #1 of Stay In The Loop Magazine. The magazine is based of articles for the everyday Miami woman; so we made sure to maintain the overall brand look with lots of clean lines, white space, and feminine type throughout. You can pick up your FREE copy of the magazine starting June 3rd; located conveniently throughout Kendall and South Miami at many local salons, gyms, doctors offices, etc. Get more info at




Branding 101: Love it or Hate it?

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If you’re a branding-junkie, like me, then you’ll appreciate the awesomeness of Brand New, a website showcasing corporate brand identities – and sometimes ripping them apart. On this site you may find some start-up logos, but most are updated brand identities – which is where the real fun begins. I took a few screenshots of one case study on the website – that I really liked – for the company Cystic Fibrosis Trust:

CysticFibrosis Case1

First, the author showcases the original logo and then the new logo, side-by-side, for your consideration. Below this showcase, the author of the blog writes some details about the company along with his opinion on the changes.

CysticFibrosis Case7

Above you can see some of the brands old look. It doesn’t truly capture your attention. I would say it falls into the category of “the-typical-boring-organization-look” and we all know nobody likes typical. The company’s cause is amazing and deserves peoples attention, but it was lacking pizazz. I needed a refresh; a new start. And that exactly what it got…

New Logo, Up Close & Personal

Here is the new logo. It says the organization’s name, “Cystic Fibrosis,” but also incorporates the tagline of “Cystic Fibrosis is…” all in one. It’s clever and vibrant, which are two very important ingredients in great brand design.

CysticFibrosis Case3

With these simple post-it style images, the designer portrayed important information in a way that catches the audiences attention. The style is consistent with the new logo and it keeps this “heavy” information “lightweight” and fun.

CysticFibrosis Case4

CysticFibrosis Case5

CysticFibrosis Case6

The application of the new logo and branding is just divine. It’s clean cut and minimal, but still overflows with information for the viewer. For example, the three poster designs display an emotional connection to the cause – with the dancer, the roses, and the runner. Then the posters simply invite the audience to join at the locations specified as the bottom.

The runner is my favorite poster; as she runs towards the information, directing the audience to go to the Virgin London Marathon and join the Cystic Fibrosis Trust team, the white-space and yellow arrows give the feeling of fast movement and urgency. Lastly, the stand up billboards – with the children – add a further emotional connection, reminding the audience that kids are affected too. The brand design is consistent and memorable, which is vital to a long lasting identity.

I hope you enjoyed this review – and if you want to see more awesome before and after brand identity reviews, head on over to Brand New. Below each review is a voting poll and an active comments section, where users share their own personal opinions. It’s a great way to open your mind to what people look for in a great identity!


Branding 101: “So You Need A Typeface?”


{ Click Image for Full Size Infographic }

“SO YOU NEED A TYPEFACE is a project by Julian Hansen. It’s an alternative way on how to choose fonts (or just be inspired) for a specific project, not just by browsing through the pages of FontBook. The list is (very loosely) based on the top 50 of Die 100 Besten Schriften by FontShop.”



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