Linkspirations: 2013’s 100 Greatest Free Fonts



Freebies! Awwwards has a little something wonderful for ya’ll: a compilation of the 100 Greatest Free Fonts for 2013.

Whether you’re a graphic designer who loves downloadable goodies or just someone who wants new fonts on their computer (for those moments when you decide to create something special, like a DIY project), you can definitely benefit from this. Below are a few of my favs, but click through the link at the end of this post and see them all; because there are -literally- 100 options.

Clickity, click. I’m clicking “download” like a bandit right now. You should be too!

FreeFonts_MyFavs1 FreeFonts_MyFavs2 FreeFonts_MyFavs3

[ click here for the full list of free fonts ]


Branding 101: Getting Down to Business

New Diamari Torres Biz Cards

Business cards rock! Plus, they’re pretty important to letting people know what you do and how to reach you; so, it was due time to print new business cards.

Design wise: I decided I wanted to keep the consistency of my blog’s minimal design through incorporating the sites colors and simple type. Personally, I like the whole “no BS” approach – especially when handing out your card. People want to be reminded of what you do and how to contact you quickly. Yet, the card has to be impressive and actually kind of fun! Remember, the design and texture of your cards is what really sells it.

Printing: On that note, the print quality is the first and lasting impression. Quality is most definitely triumphant over quantity. This is a trend I’ve seen in business card printers. Sites like – which don’t get me wrong, they have awesome pre-designed templates and materials – can charge you over $100 for a measly 200 business cards.

In my case, I luckily got both quality and quantity. Printed on 16pt cardstock paper, my cards are coated in a very smooth Silk Lamination. It actually seems to make the card thicker and stronger; I love it. The final touch though is the Spot UV, which creates a slightly-visible rise of gloss over whatever you choose to highlight. Logo. Name. Info. Background. Whatevs!

Spot UV on Biz Cards

I chose to Spot UV the words “hello there” on the teal-blue side and my entire logo on the white side. It feels very interesting and different from the traditional card design. I’m truly very happy with the results. Probably even more so because of the price: 1,000 cards for $145! (shipping not included, I picked ’em up) You can’t beat that. I have cards for – like – ever now! The service was great and the turnaround time was about a week. I recommend Elite Flyers for printing business cards – especially their Silk Laminated and Spot UV ones, of course.

Biz Cards in Card Holder


My Daily View: Hello August!


Wake up, it’s the 1st of the month! I’m so thrilled to be one month closer to Fall/Winter in Miami. There’s nothing like the love the holiday season brings. But before all of that goodness, I would like to take a stroll down Summer-lane, because so far it’s been an amazing time and totally deserves some recognition:


I visited Swine in Coral Gables for the first time.
So delicious! A must for all Miami locals & visitors alike.


Another visit, this time a bit farther away, was in Guatemala.
& although it was a work-trip, I enjoyed the culture immensely.


Guatemala City
Some more of Guatemala, the city surrounded by Mountains. What a sight!


Critical Mass
This summer has been filled with activities – including my favorite: biking!
My bestie, Arlene, & I biked Critical Mass, which is on the last Friday of every month.
It’s one of the best experiences ever; If you haven’t tried it, check it out.


Biking Miami
While biking, I found some real treasures – like this gorgeous path in The Roads.


Last month we had quite an impressive site – a Supermoon (full moon)
Although my camera couldn’t capture it’s beauty, I had to take a snapshot.
It was too gorgeous of an evening to forget.


Scottys Landing
This Summer I had the pleasure of dinning waterfront at Scotty’s Landing.
It was such a lovely view, accompanied by delicious food. A definite win!


Leeto Green World
There’s no better ending to hot Summer days than with sweet puppies!
My friends & breeders, Leeto Green World, have a plethora of pups for sale.
& we were blessed to spend a day with some of the rottweilers before they sold.
Sweetest little teddy bears! Check out LGW for more cutie-pies.


Branding 101: Portfolio Update



So far, 2013 has been insanely busy – and I’m truly loving it. One of my freelance projects this year has been designing for a new women’s publication in Miami, Stay In The Loop Magazine. From the logo design, business cards, media kit, and the initial magazine design – it’s been done! Starting a brand from scratch isn’t easy; but, now that we’ve got the ball rolling, everything just seems to fall into place.


First things first, the logo design. The client, Nicole Hoyos, wanted something feminine and fun yet modern and clean. She also wanted to subtly include an infinity-loop, which is an important part of the overall brand. The client says the loop signifies the endless connection between all women, things, and events in Miami. Since this is a local publication, it is important to create that visual connection – starting with the logo.


Getting down to business: the cards for Stay In The Loop Magazine continue the trend of the logo with a feminine and modern look. One side is utilized for the logo to make it’s statement. The other side has the contact information with lots of white space along with a light watermark of the logo.


Last, but definitely not least, is the the magazine design for issue #1 of Stay In The Loop Magazine. The magazine is based of articles for the everyday Miami woman; so we made sure to maintain the overall brand look with lots of clean lines, white space, and feminine type throughout. You can pick up your FREE copy of the magazine starting June 3rd; located conveniently throughout Kendall and South Miami at many local salons, gyms, doctors offices, etc. Get more info at





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