I genuinely love web, design, and marketing – but I especially love helping people create something amazing.

I have passion for this and I want to share it with everyone. On my blog, you will find posts illustrating marketing and media tips-&-tricks, design ideas and reviews, social media infographics, development of brands, and overall clever inspirations that will help you grow (as an individual or a business).

I am able to provide my clients with services within the monster-size world of marketing. In this world there is identity, brand, and web designs; social media designs and integration; advertising concepts and brand consulting; one-on-one tutoring; and everything in between. Have questions? Check out the FAQs. Ready to start? Simply get in touch.

Now that you know all about what I do, you’re probably wondering about who I am. Well let’s clear a little of that curiosity – here are some things I like, in no particular order: Riding bike. The beach. Swimming. Laughing (a lot). Reading a good book. Picnics in the park. Camping. Nature in general. Concerts. Rollercoasters. A good red wine. Trying new food. Rearranging my living space. Minimal designs. Typography. Neutral colors. Bold lipsticks. Photographing things. Traveling. Meditation. Finding inspiration in unexpected places.

Plus, check out my resume for more (career lovin’) information.


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