November 9, 2012 diamaritorres

My Daily View: Art Fair Live 2012


Last month The Flower Bombs joined Miami’s Art Live Fair in an interactive art exhibition. This year, it took place from October 26th-28th in the Coconut Grove Convention Center and benefited the Lotus House Women’s Shelter.

Art Live 2012 is an interactive, performance based, contemporary “art happening” and fair in which artists and exhibitors are invited to share the creative process unfolding spontaneously in every form of artistic medium and to the extent possible, engage the fair-goers in the creative process.

My partner, Arlene Delgado, and I planned to share our special Art Live messages of “togetherness” and “new perceptions” through vinyl prints that could be placed anywhere in the show. While wearing our gas masks, we chose to set most of the prints on the floor of the entrance points – this way people could take a moment to stop, read the messages, and take a good look around at all of the amazingness that the exhibit had to offer.

Art Live Fair 2012 had plenty of artists interacting with the audience and creating on the spot. For example, there was a huge satellite-looking stage where one person would sing and the people across the room could hear them perfectly. There was also a kite-making workshop and fun body-movement classes every hour. Artists were painting, building, and involving those who were at the show in their work. It was a beautiful and inspiring experience. With that in mind, coming up next is Art Basel Miami, in December; and The Flower Bombs plan to have a definite presence in the streets of Wynwood. Stay tuned!


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