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Design Love: Wynwood Art Walk, Oct ’12

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year month! Art Walk, every second Saturday of the month, is always a good time. This weekend, I looked forward to visiting Arlene‘s updated piece in the Wynwood Cigar Factory. She started work on a modern Indian girl – pictured above. Her next step is to incorporate typography treatments; can’t wait to see it finished!

Walking on the way to the cigar shop, I snapped some shots of Wynwood Art Walk‘s beautiful pieces – inside the galleries and throughout the streets:

If you missed out the cultural event that is Art Walk this month, you can visit the next one on November 10th.  After a great stroll through the area, I finally got to the music-filled and energy-driven Wynwood Cigar Factory. I snapped some photos of the updated venue, with new artwork. Check it out and enjoy:


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