April 12, 2012 diamaritorres

In The Know: The Internet is Ruining Your Brain!


Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States of America – It seems that we have all handed over our brains to Google (and/or the Internet in general really)! A study illustrates the consumption of online-time and reliability on the Internet by Americans, and the numbers are pretty crazy.

Now, we all know that multitasking on the computer takes away from our focus, so that’s something to be mindful of; it’s happened to all of us, don’t feel bad; just stop, breath, re-organize, and do one thing at a time. But what is scariest, in my opinion, is that our reliability on Google has turned our brains in a “short-term memory machines.” Since we are able to get information so quickly from the internet, (without having to do much researching, reading, or just thinking) our brains are remembering less but in-taking more information.

What are your thoughts on our Internet usage; something so necessary to our lives but detrimental to our development?


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