March 1, 2012 diamaritorres

Design Love: For the Love of Pinterest

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Hellooooo Inspirations…

Today, I would like to offer you all an insight to my favorite designs on Pinterest; because, well, there are just some great finds on the site and it’s only right to share! When a client ask you for something extraordinary, great designers know that you start by getting inspired. Some visit their favorites – the gurus of design in their eyes. Others rummage through the internet and google images looking for ideas. Yet I prefer Pinterest, where I am able to find some of the most useful, modern, and inspiring pieces of art from all over the internet-world.

Ps. If you don’t use Pinterest yet, get to it! It’s a virtual pinboard for all things wonderful. Plus, it’s turning into a major marketing tool; but I’ll get into that some other time. For now, please enjoy these gorgeous designs (click them and you’ll go to the single post) and check out my Pinterest page for more fun pinboards.

Simplicity is key in great design; so is the use of an accent color!

Free fonts downloads, with a fun-font-filled promo image

I don’t know about you, but golden yellow makes me smile

I truly appreciate the minimalist branding of “filthy”

Hand-written type is pure gold in a world of overdone fonts

Don’t be square – patterns serve as design inspirations as well

Designs aren’t just 2D… Plus, mustaches are a great party accessory

Type may also turn into an image. Simple yet classic, and on point

Chalk type: another beautiful, and impermanent, art medium

Brown paper bag and hot magenta branding. This screams original!

 Want more? Take a look at my pinboard, Design Design Design


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