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Design Love: Beautiful Package Designs


Gosh, I love packaging design. I really do. I mean, what is there not to love? Plus it’s one of the most important – if not THE most important – parts of marketing a product. Because we all know, if something doesn’t look attractive, then we most likely won’t grab it from the store shelf. And that’s the truth! Keep that in mind. When selling a product (or even a service) it’s all about presentation and appearances. I suggest you follow “The Cool Rule” (yes, I just made up that title) and that is that: “Even if you have the coolest business idea ever, but you’re branding isn’t cool, then people won’t think it’s cool and might never actually buy it.” Like that rule? I hope so, because that as well is the truth! Ok, enough silly – but true – talk. Let the inspiration begin. Here are 10 of my favorites from the top 50. See all 50 via the link at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Simply Bliss: sleek & minimal, but still lets the consumer know exactly what they are getting at the first glance. In my eyes, this is design-perfection!

Waitrose: breaking away from the conventional “paper” label, this is a great way to show the contents of the item while still keeping the design fresh.

12 Inches: who says there’s a right way to wrap a bottle? this style is eye-catching and the typography is fabulous!

Font Vella: clear and blue, showcasing the pureness of the water, while delicately designed with an almost paisley feel. It works very well together.

Absolut: a big name brand with clean-cut style. Never shifting from their branding techniques, yet always coming up with a new engaging look.

Coca-Cola: another brand giant, with simple taste. This summer collection stands them apart from other soda’s on the shelf, and it’s easy to see why.

Citro: little mints in little packages with a little window. With minimal yet matching colors and attention to the “flavor,” I believe they nailed it.

Project 7 (Water Bottles): hand-written type is amazing, and the way it’s executed here is exactly right. Simple but fun, showing each bottle’s meaning.

Project 7 (Snacks): continuing the hand-written feel, but incorporating more color and heavy text; but they still get you to focus on the important headlines.

Oats: Sweet and sleek design that just feels right for bath soaps. It gives off the vibe of warm but still modern and new. A perfect mix!

Take a Look at All 50 Designs [Source]


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