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Design Love: L’amore of Packaging

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If there is one digital thing that I am absolutely crazy-in-love with, is packaging and design concepts. I love ’em. The correct packaging and color scheme gives a product the necessary tools for consumers to actually grab it off the shelves! As an advertising major, I constantly notice how packaging draws your attention to a product – and how bad packaging will keep you far, far away from that buy.

Here are some new packaging designs, illustrated on The Die, a wonderful packaging site. These were a few that caught my eye, and had LOVE written all over them! Click the photos for more images and details:

Wines come in many flavors, bottles, and designs. Lois Sparkling Blanc de Blancs has a modern yet classic design that attracts the eye to the beautiful character and colors in her hair, surrounded by crisp white space and a smooth cursive font. With just these subtle designs, the simplicity captures the consumer and intrigues them to want to know more.

What has got more to Love than growing delicious fruits and vegetables? The Grow Your Own project holds true to the love of nature and adds a modern design. Traditionally when consumers buy seeds in a bag, all you see is the tiny seeds, scattered around and in need to be planted. But with this packaging, the consumer can see the finished product right next to the ones that start it all – the seeds that want to grow.

Everyone knows how important Water is to Life. So why not give back to the world with some Love in Water. This design strives to showcase the companies goals to give back to charities, in four different ways: fighting muscular disorders, protecting our environment, helping children in need, and giving hope to women with breast cancer. Every time a bottle is purchased, 10cents of it’s profit go to one of the for charities. Now, that’s Packaging Love.

Last but not definitely not least, the Love for Chocolate! I am a true chocolate connoisseur, and the Moonstruck design caught my sweet tooth’s attention. When you look at the packaging, you think: dark chocolates and milk chocolates from Venezuela and Dominican Republic must be delicious! And it’s all a matter of perception – the perception that this colorful package holds an even more colorful treat.

These are just a few of my personal favorites from the current designs illustrated on the site. To view more designs and packaging, visit the guru of packaging:


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