September 12, 2011 diamaritorres

Branding 101: A Perfect Landing Page


If you’ve ever thought of building a website, you know about Landing Pages and how vital they are to your “user-friendliness.” Companies tend to like Landing Pages because it serves as the hub for their exterior Links and important information. Plus, consumers generally like to see all the info they need in one quick look. So, over-doing-it on a Landing Page can truly hurt your business, and that’s why it’s important to keep it simple.

I was Stumbling and found this this snazzy description on how to Create the Perfect Landing Page. Thought it was pretty cool, so I’m sharing it with YOU:

  • Headlines should be Clear and Concise
  • You’re Grammar needs to be Perfect!
  • Use Call to Actions and Big Buttons
  • Go Easy on the External Linkage
  • Keep it Above the Fold
  • Also Test, Test, Test your Page
  • Think about your Color Choices

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