July 16, 2011 diamaritorres

Branding 101: Get Facebook Fans!


Everyone wants them but not everyone knows How to Get them: we’re talking about Facebook Fans, people! This is the social media mission – to build a fanbase that drives attention and traffic to your companies information and website. One thing is creating a fanpage, but a whole ‘nother monster is getting eyeballs to the page. It might seem like a lot of work (and it is to a degree), but it’s no rocket-science! Anyone can increase their Facebook fanbase, just go step by step and build your brand online. I personally love this guide to increase your fanbase via Social Media Examiner:

#1: Embed Widgets on Your Website

#2: Invite Your Email and Ezine Subscribers

#3: Add to Your Email Signature Block

#4: Make a Compelling Welcome Video

#5: Use Facebook Apps

#6: Integrate the Facebook Comment Feature

#7: Get Fans to Tag Photos

#8: Load Videos and Embed on Your Site

#9: Place Facebook Ads

#10: Run a Contest

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