April 26, 2011 diamaritorres

Branding 101: Fabulous Print Advertising


This awesome German advertisement campaign is one that you can’t help but laugh at! Yet, chances are, the print campaign will more than likely hit an emotional-career-changing-nerve with your audience; and that’s an advertisers ultimate goal! The tagline is for the German site specialized in employment called Jobsintown which captivated it’s audience with these rich images. It means “life’s too short for the wrong job.” Isn’t that the truth!

This awesomely innovative and creative strategy is what makes a great campaign. Something memorable! That’s what you want in a campaign. And it’s not just limited to print advertising – this applies to even the smaller projects, like when  creating a client’s logo design and brand identity. When creating, it’s important to incorporate ideas that make you focus and have a memorable-appeal, while still being quirky, out-of-the-box and down right smart!

Check out all the fun Ad Campaign Images:



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