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Web Dummies: WordCamp Miami

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Oh friends, the things I have learned today! So many wonderful things! I just attended WordCamp Miami 2011 – a designer/marketer/developer WordPress Conference – and got some amazing tips and tricks for WordPress plugins and online-goodies in general. I would love to share the knowledge I gained today with you all; check out the sites listed below for a little bit of everything you can utilize in your business:

Let’s start simple here, with Card Munch – compatible software for your iPhone which literally snaps a photo of your business cards and auto-adds the contact to your phones address book. We all know how hard it is to keep track of all the business cards we get while networking, so use this program and get organized!

Want to make money online? Who doesn’t! There are multiple platforms to set up ads on your blog/website, and the conference speakers today kept recommending BuySellAds. I’m going to give them a try by simply signing up, placing ads on my site, and then gain the possibility to get paid every time a consumer clicks; I suggest you do to!

New to WordPress? Don’t fret, WPBeginner is there for you. They offer guides, free themes, plugins, tutorials, consulting, and more – you name it! Easy to navigate and helpful for newbies, I highly recommend this site for all your WordPress questions.

Vanilla Forums is open source forum software that is used to power discussions. There you can sign up and have a discussion forum created for you instantly; the discussion forum can be used for any purpose, so take advantage and us it for your school work, business or just personal blog and get others opinions in a free-flow of ideas forum.

Last but certainly not least, Video User Manuals for web developers is the final piece to the puzzle. It is a plugin for WordPress that gives the end user both a video and online manual explaining the functionality available to Editors in WordPress. Instead of trying to explain WordPress in a nutshell to your client before you hand-over the site, let the tutorials do the talking. Clients can refer back to them anytime they want and web developers can sleep-well knowing that the site automatically updates the tutorials as things upgrade in WordPress. It’s definitely worth the price of $24 a month for web developers and clients to finally understand each other!


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